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Stop Smoking

We offer two powerful programs for smoking cessation. Click below to find out the program that is best for you and join the thousands of others who have successfully ended smoking with hypnosis.

Weight Loss

Typically, food is being used a distraction to avoid emotions that need to be satisfied. Through the use of hypnosis, we will find these erroneous emotions and neutralize them, changing your relationship to food.

Pain Management

Remove Fears

Remove Habits


Increase Concentration

Sexual Issues

Sports Performance


Test Anxiety

Public Speaking

Improve Mood

Drug Abuse

And, more!

Note – We cannot work with certain medical issues without your doctor’s consent.

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Why Choose QC Hypnosis?

At QC Hypnosis we take Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy seriously. Take a look below at why you should trust us in helping you get the life you want!

One-on-one Sessions

Rest assured that each session is private and confidential.

Certified by the NGH

The National Guild of Hypnotists is the oldest hypnosis organization in the United States. Its members abide by the rules and ethics set forth by the Board of Directors.

Proven Approach

We utilize a proven and systematic approach that has helped thousands of people over the years get the life they want!

Experience the New Revolution of Hypnosis

Out with the old and in with the new! We use modern hypnosis techniques and always do our sessions live and in person–no take home recordings!

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